Unfortunately, all efforts so far won’t eliminate the species altogether, but it’s important to do everything we can to protect our native species. It consists of 1.5 million acres of saw grass marshes, mangrove forests, and hardwood hammocks dominated by wetlands. As with other peninsulas, animal species richness tends to decline in most taxa from the mainland connection to the tip. This vast region of southern wetlands covers over 734 square miles of territory. Though contained entirely in Florida, its vital ecological importance resonates far beyond the Sunshine State. 3. When bare flats of sand and mud are covered by seawater during high tides, salt-water tolerant plants like the mangrove plants often grow in such areas which then develop into saltwater swamps. Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Phosphorus Water Quality Standards for the Everglades, has helped shape the natural heritage, culture, and economy of Florida and the Nation, is a unique mosaic of sawgrass marshes, freshwater ponds, prairies and forested uplands that support rich plant and wildlife communities, is renowned for its wading birds and wildlife. Check out tips for staying safe while viewing wildlife. The Everglades is teeming with plant and animal species not found anywhere else on the planet. High phosphorus causes impacts in the Everglades such as: By 1990 over 40,000 acres of the public Everglades were estimated to be impacted. Throughout a wetland you will find swamps and marshes that are full of shrubs, grassy plants, and really cool animals. 5) Why is the porch important? 954-434-8111, 954-434-8111 Ext 102 This $1 billion effort to treat large volumes of water down to the very low phosphorus level (10 parts per billion) that is needed to protect all of the Everglades is an unprecedented restoration effort. The wetlands, located at the southern tip of Florida, provide a unique habitat unlike any other The different habitats located within the Florida Everglades ecosystem support a collection of plant and animal species not found elsewhere on earth. changes in the native plant communities that result in a loss of the open water areas where wading birds feed. The weak die and the strong survive. Pure beauty, awaits in a natural setting on Florida can provide… Here Are 20 Facts About Florida’s Everglades: The Everglades is more […] It is home to endangered, rare, and exotic wildlife. is renowned for its wading birds and wildlife. The Everglades National Park is the largest surviving subtropical wilderness in the US. Periphyton is an important indicator in the Greater Everglades. the State and Federal governments have constructed about 57,000 acres of treatment wetlands (called Stormwater Treatment Areas, or STAs) that remove phosphorus before the water is discharged into the Everglades. // --> The Everglades is designed by nature to experience alternating seasons of drought and flood. Everglades Holiday Park is home to an abundant native wildlife and we are closely monitoring this situation and contributing to the efforts to diminish the pythons. Because pythons can grow to such unmanageable sizes, it was inevitable that some irresponsible owners would release the snakes into the wild. 954-434-8111