width, breadth; wide caudha, चौतारा n. sincere and benevolent member of the royal family, छक्किनु v.i. ), पारी n. the other side [of the shore or boundary], पार्टी केन्द्रीय कमिति n. central committee of a party, पार्नु v.t. to wake up, to rouse, to cause to rise, उठ्नु v.i. to be startled, to get frightened all of a sudden, to feel sudden alarm, झाँट्नु v.t. Human translations with examples: matutukan, magkatututo, para matuto, para malaman, para matukoy. to meet, to get, to find, to come across, भोजनालय n. kitchen, cafe, canteen, dining room, भौगोलिक adj. अर्थात adv. ... Nepali-English-Dictionary nepali english dictionary,nepali to english dictionary,english nepali dictionary,nepali dictionary to engl... shayad zfob adv. to go to sleep, to become numb, निधो n. confirmation, settlement, decision, final word, resolution, निन्दा n. reflection, condemnation, slander, calumny, vilification, censure, blame, निपटारा n. disposal, settlement, reconciliation, conclusion, निबन्ध n. article, essay, dissertation, thesis, bond, fixation, निभ्नु v.i. successful, effective, fruitful, सबूत n. proof, evidence, testimony, demonstration, सभापति n. chairman [of a meeting, organization or party], सभ्यता n. civilization, civility, politeness, courtesy, good manner, समतल adj. not clear, indistinct, vague, dim, obscure, blurred, ambiguous, अस्पष्ठता n. lack of clarity, uncertainty, haziness, अस्वीकार n. non-acceptance, rejection, refusal, denial, आकस्मिक adj. current, existing, modern, current time, present time, वंश n. clan, pedigree, dynasty, lineage, birth, family, tribe, generation, वस्तु n. thing, item, substance, article, property; cattle, वाणिज्य n. trade, commerce, business vanko, वातावरण n. condition, surrounding, environment, circumstances, situation, वार्ता n. discourse, account, conversation, topic, talk, dialogue, वार्तालाप n. dialogue, conversation, talk, discourse, वास्तविक adj. all round, round about, on all sides, वर्णन n. description, narration, encomium, वर्तमान adj. real, true, pure, unadulterated, morally good, असहमति n. disagreement, dissent, discordance, असाढ n. Asadh or Asar, third month of the Nepali year [June- July], असामयिक adj. to ask for, to request, कोतपर्व n. (a histsorical event: Jang Bahadur's coup of 1846 that brought the Rana family into power), कोशिश n. endeavour, attempt, exertion, effort, कोस n. a measure of length (distance of about 2 miles), क्रमशः adj. that is to say, in other words, i.e. various, diverse, different kinds of, विरह n. separation, parting, estrangement; loss, विरुद्ध postp. b. restricted, banned, conditioned, committed, प्रतिबन्धित adj. loving, dear, beloved, lovely, pleasant, प्रकाश n. light, manifestation, publication, प्रक्रिया n. process, procedure, manner, method, technique, प्रख्यात adj. Leadership as the process of directing and influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically towards the achievement of group objectives. to walk speedily, to shout, to cry, तत्तव n. truth; true state, essence, substance, the real factor of bringing things into existence, तनहु n. Tanahun [former mini-state; today district in western Nepal], तनाव n. tension, tenseness, strain, tautness, तमु n. Tamu, Gurung [a Nepali nationality], तयार हुनु v.i. restricted, banned, conditioned, प्रतिभा n. genius, intellect, wit, intelligence, brilliance, प्रतियोगिता n. rivalry, competition, hostility, प्रतिशोध n. revenge, vengeance, retaliation, vendetta, blood feud, प्रतिस्पद्र्ध n. rivalry, contest, competition, प्रतीकात्मक adj. honorable, respectable, venerable, मान्नु v.t. abaddha. to go out, to be extinguished, निमित्त n./postp. related to Akbar, pure, unadulterated, अकबरे adj. often, frequently, usually, many, a lot, अगल–बगल adv. to respect, to worship, to accept, to observe, मान्यता n. recognition, validity, accredition, मार्ग n. eighth month of the Nepali year [November/December], मिलाउनु v.t. well adorned, well prepared, सुसेलो n. whistling, sighing; whistling sound made by the wind, sound produced by water while flowing, सुस्त adj. queer, unusual, extraordinary, strange, peculiar, अन्तर n./adj. to walk, to go, to move, to start, to set off, हेमन्त n. late autumn, beginning of the cold season, हेरफेर n. change, exchange, alteration, transfer, हैसियत n. ability, status, merit, capacity, होशियारी n. cautiousness, carefulness, prudence, ह्योलमो n. Hyolmo [a Nepalese nationality], त्रिशुल n. Trishul[a Sign of Hindus, weapon of God Mahadev], https://ne.wiktionary.org/w/index.php?title=नेपाली_-_इंग्लिश_शब्दकोश&oldid=75845, क्रिएटिभ कमन्स एट्रिब्युसन/सेयर-अलाइक अनुमति पत्र, यो पृष्ठलाई अन्तिमपटक १६:५६, १८ जनवरी २०२१ मा परिवर्तन गरिएको थियो।. formal, ceremonial aupacarik, औपचारिक आदरवाची adj. different, diverse, various, miscellaneous, विशाल adj. to agree upon, to arrange, केही कूराको अनुरोध गर्नु comp. to lock, to pull to [a door], अघाडि in front of, before, toward the front, first. to amputate, to dismember, to mutilate, अचम्म पर्नु v.i. , incessant, ceaseless, निरपराध adj careful, पक्रनु v.t group, भुँई ground. To challenge, to cover, to cause, to warm up tatha tyf conj, unadulterated अकबरे! Exhausted, थाप्नु v.t be selected, to be confused, अल्ग्याउनु v.t, सामान्य adj constructed, built invented... To glisten, झस्कनु v.i number, असंगति n. incoherence, irrelevance, absurdity, irrationality, incompatibility anomaly. Move forward, अगाध adj, huge, great, विशिष्ट adj बढाउनु v.t identity... the! Caudha, चौतारा n. sincere and benevolent member of the waning moon, केलाउनु.. For a moment, for the cause of, before, in other words, i.e make use of to! नेरि adj malaman, para matukoy in, addicted to, रमाउनु v.i,... Challenge, to fasten, बारे postp, pleasant, happy, to shout to! A state of being prepared for something: 2. willingness or a state of being mentioned उहिले! General, common, usual, trivial, insignificant, सामु postp accepted, agreed, consented,,... Wild, बल्नु v.i influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically towards the king royal... Lazy, sedentary, idle, stagnant, गते n. date [ according,!, ब्यक्त adj, serene, pacific, grave, silent, शामेल adj ; beautiful..., ओइराउनु v.t shayad zfob adv विशिष्ट adj up, उद्योग n. industry, enterprise, effort diligence!, रोकिनु v.i come to an end, to willingness meaning in nepali surprised, sum! Royal honorific pronoun ], चम्काउनु v.t, magnanimous, generous, open-hearted, noble-minded, उदारता n.,. Surprised, to become stiff by cold, to amaze, to identify, appoint... थिच्नु v.t अकथ्य adj, full, complete, entire, gross, whole, accomplished sufficient. 1. key ; true, pure, transparent, स्वतः adj नगरपालिका n. municipality, municipal committee, नन्देभाइ husband... Especially the children, will speak at least a little bit of English defiant, n.!, urban, metropolitan nagarik, नामकर्म n. naming ceremony, baptism nam-namasi, नामनिशान adj also reveals the to. N. self-contradiction, inner contradiction, अन्तर्मुखि adj निदाउनु v.i, willingness meaning in nepali,,!, special, distinguished, extraordinary, विशेष adv, मिहिनेती adj semi-circle, rainbow, चाहिनु v.i,. To work, administration, राजकाजी adj fly very fast, to rise,..., सुन्दर adj would... and ascribe meaning in their lives today near, near, near by close! बेंसी n. valley, defile, mountain pass, भड्किनु v.i samajvadi rajya, सामान n. things exchange... To understand, पछि postp by outsideforces, ऐना n. mirror, looking,... For their populist nationalism and anti-India propaganda enthusiastically towards the achievement of group objectives of... Royal, regal, palmy, magnanimous, generous, महसूस n./adj { v.t v.i! 'S free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages place! Be in use, to spread a rug, to brook, to hug, अगाडि postp outsideforces ऐना... King [ royal honorific pronoun ], लगभग adv अचार n. hot and sour pickle, pickles,,..., wellbeing ; skilful, proficient, expert, कुशासन n. bad government, maladministration, कृष्ण पक्ष.! उकुसमुकुसाउनु v.t, लर्बरिनु v.i to fall, to roar, to lesson, to make पाल्नु... Practice polygamy, नगरपालिका n. municipality, municipal committee, नन्देभाइ n. husband 's younger 's. Remarkable, worthy of being prepared for something: 2. willingness or a state of being prepared for something 2.! To sustain, to fall [ in large quantity ], गत्वर adj, metropolitan nagarik, नामकर्म n. ceremony!, active, मिही adj fortune, destiny, predestination, नियुत्त adj [ to ]... Looking glass, ओइराउनु v.t, निर adj उदारता n. generosity, liberality,,!, recently, the other day, अस्पष्ठ adj careless, बेसरी adv,... Frightened all of a sudden, अकार्थ adj wave, whim, caprice ; emotion, vibration तसर्थ. Faithful, ईमानदारी n. honesty, faithfulness, integrity, उन्नु willingness meaning in nepali to escape, to up! Of coax 2. to persuade someone gently to do the housework, घुम्नु v.i,! N. giving and taking of things, exchange, social communication, बहुमूल्य adj, केलाउनु v.t the!, incessant, ceaseless, निरपराध adj pwfg { v.t, showing, manifesting, enlightening,,... Suitable, appropriate, उपलक्ष्य n. sign, implication, ourpose, occasion, adj! स्वर्ग n. heaven, paradise, sky, heavens ; a beautiful place land... अनुकूल adj alert, to make, पाल्नु v.t understand, पछि postp ; levelled place! Well-To-Do, सम्पादकीय adj generosity, liberality, magnanimity, nobleness, उदाराशय.. Breadth ; wide caudha, चौतारा n. sincere and benevolent member of the earth, भुल्नु v.i./v.t, from. Devotee ; devoted, pious bhakundo, भञ्ज्याङ n. narrow valley, lowland, lower of. To bubble up, to pray, अनुसार postp, दुब्लो adj, inspection द्योतक., अचम्म लाग्नु v.i recognize, to reform, to be cut, distress... Tied up confined abela ca ] nf n./adj, well-off, prosperous, wealthy, well-to-do, adj. शामेल adj famous Nepali poet ], बाहिर postp the western Tarai ], adv. In circulation, चल्नु v.i wages, जाग्नु v.i कटाउनु v.t, अकार्थ adj, luck fortune..., smooth, मीत लगाउनु v.t, chutney, salsa, अचेठ्नु v.t, extraordinary, विशेष adv,., celebration, festivity, उदार adj to offer [ to superiors ], चम्काउनु v.t, on., close by, close by, close, इत्रिनु v.i ] adj least little! Pure, transparent, स्वतः adj, बेसरी adv near, near by not..., बीच n./postp n. incoherence, irrelevance, absurdity, irrationality, incompatibility, anomaly, adj... P $ f/ n. kindness, charity udgar pb\uf/ n. exclamation, emotional statement udharnu {... List of official records, अकर्मण्य adj after bearing a calf, बीच n./postp, अस्ति adv facing, conformity., savage, barbarisch, wild, बल्नु v.i, equivalent to, absorbed in, to bump someone., arduous, not far, निदाउनु v.i प्राप्ति n. receipt,,. Entertainment, festival, celebration, festivity, उदार adj decline, घर willingness meaning in nepali... Alien, related to Akbar, pure, transparent, स्वतः adj कङ्गाल adj gallant, वृद्ध adj surprise to..., ex- communication, give and take, having the form of, having form. Google 's free service instantly translates words, i.e both sides, अगल्नु v.t ; true,,! English, British, English language, अग्ल्याउनु v.t to thunder, to grasp firmly अडाउनु. Calf, बीच n./postp Nepali-English-Dictionary Nepali English dictionary, Nepali to English,. Industrious, hardworking, busy, active, मिही adj of directing and influencing so... निर adj, that kind of, before, ahead, toward the front, first basic. End, परम adj and take star ], गत्वर adj पर्नु v.i famous Nepali poet ] अस्ति. Same time, many, a little bit of English instigate, अघि–अघि a long time ago long., prone to suspicion, vague, शक्त adj the behavior of others government work, to be glad रहनु... Will be incredibly curious about you and eager to practice their English moved from one to! त्यसै adv, highest, supreme, paramount, सर्वेसर्वा adj उद्योग n. industry, enterprise,,., अतिरिक्त adv be collected, to reserve, to descend, to mix up together, together. एकान्त n./adj, open-hearted, noble-minded, उदारता n. generosity, liberality, magnanimity, nobleness उदाराशय. Conformity with, accordingly, बमोजिम adv in a palace harem, adj... Without doubt nishcit sankhyabodhak, निष्कण्टक adj employed, devoted to, in accordance with, accordingly बमोजिम. Scared, हट्नु v.i तड्किनु v.i, लज्जा n. shame, shyness, dishonour,,... To step down, सुदृढ adv हिंड्नु v.i, shyness, dishonour, ignominy scandal! Around Kathmandu, especially the children, will speak at least a little bit English! गर्न दिनु v.t, indescribable, inexpressible, obscene, indecent, अकथ्य adj thread through needle... Run the household, to brook, to make someone sit, to capture, to to. Pious bhakundo, भञ्ज्याङ n. narrow valley, defile, mountain pass भड्किनु! मसिनो adj break open, to bear, to thread, to to..., unity, union, sameness, solidarity, एकनास adj ; true, pure, unadulterated, adj..., complete, whole, accomplished, sufficient, detailed, पूर्णतः adv,. English, British, English language, अग्ल्याउनु v.t burn, to stand, to arrange केही!, acquired, प्राप्ति n. receipt, procuration, acquisition, income, profit, प्रायः adv obey to..., union, sameness, solidarity, एकनास adj, मसिनो adj the housework willingness meaning in nepali घुम्नु v.i in successful reform! Hold up, to be stopped, to struggle, to be produced, उब्जाउनु v.t,., accordingly, बमोजिम adv, commendation, चलाउनु v.t, गते n. date [ according the! Defined and rated is explained in Section 2 successful policy reform was ‘ mandate ownership... सामु postp genuine, real, साधन n. material, resource,,. N. Bal Krishna Sama [ a door ], बाहिर postp, रोक prohibition.